luxury Los Angeles apartment community

A Luxury Los Angeles Apartment Community Full of Frolic

Fun is not a concept limited to kids; even the busiest of adults deserve a moment to let go of their worries and enjoy their free time, alone or with friends. Our luxury Los Angeles apartment community at Alexan Bahay makes it all the easier to feel joy again thanks to our great amenities, all within the backyard of our own homes.

For starters, our exclusive club lounge is an idyllic escape for any occasion, any season, and any time. We have a full gourmet kitchen for showing off your culinary prowess or for simply serving out some delicious catering from your favorite restaurant, comfortable lounge seating, and a large TV video screen great for watching the upcoming Super Bowl or enjoying an awesome movie away from the theaters. Our Lanai communal lounge, in the meantime,...

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lay back

Los Angeles Apartments to Lay Back In

Every adult these days seems to have a busy schedule: if we’re not working in the office, we’re at home taking care of errands, and if we’re not doing that we’re doing our best to catch up with our social lives. Here at Alexan Bahay, we understand that people may not always have the luxury of time, which is why our luxury apartments have great amenities for you to lay back in, free...

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One-Bedroom Los Angeles Apartment

A6: Opulent One-Bedroom Los Angeles Apartment

Sometimes you just need a ton of space. It could be because you have family and friends coming to visit, so you want to ensure that everyone can lounge comfortably without feeling cramped; it could be because you...

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Langer's near Alexan Bahay

Langer’s near Alexan Bahay

Langer’s near Alexan Bahay luxury apartment homes is one of the fantastic restaurants your new neighborhood offers. Think about the lifestyle that you want to live. Now think about how many bedrooms you need to be happy. Find the floorplan that suits you at Alexan Bahay and live happily. Feel free to share your good luck with your friends. Your spacious and welcoming layout is perfect...

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Step Into Deep Luxury

Step Into Deep Luxury

What is your definition of luxury? Find a better one at Alexan Bahay, luxury apartment homes in Los Angeles, California. Discover what pure comfort really is. Indulge in luxury apartment features that make coming home the best part of your day. Choose the floorplan that fits the life you want. Once you pick it throw a party or host game day. Every layout is welcoming and spacious enough to...

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